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Fepex, the spanish federation of associations of producers and exporters of fruits, vegetables, flowers and live plants, is a private, non-profit making, industry based organisation. The main objectives of fepex are: the provision of servicies to its members in different issues, mainly related to production, commercialisation and public policies in agriculture, trade and labour market areas. Fepex also defends its members´ interests and represents the industry before different authorities, institutions, decision-making bodies and international organisations. In addition, fepex contributes to the development of the spanish industry as a whole, conducting in-depth reports, quality protocols mechanisms and promotion actions, including the FRUIT ATTRACTION trade fair.


Established in 1987, fepex consists of 30 regional and provincial associations, which, in turn, consist of more than 1500 farming and trading companies, all falling within four different branches or operational categories:

  • The production and exportation of fruit and vegetables, the main industry within the federation.
  • The production and exportation of potatoes
  • The production and commercialisation of processed fruit and vegetable products
  • The production and exportation of flowers and plants

FEPEX has a strong INSTITUTIONAL PRESENCE AT BOTH NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL LEVELS. It is the largest organisation in Spain for the fruit and vegetable production and exportation industry, covering more than 70% of Spanish exportable production (excluding citrus fruits and bananas), and also includes the producers and traders of plants and flowers.

At an international level, FEPEX participates in industry associations for fruit and vegetables, flowers and plants, and nurseries. It also has a permanent, direct presence in Brussels, via its representative office.

At an national level, FEPEX has a direct presence in public and private institutions, which have a direct impact on the drafting of farming, economic, labour and tax policies for the represented industry.

In this regard, FEPEX is a board member in the following Committees:

The Ministry for Agriculture, food and environment

  • Working group for fruits and vegetables within the agri-food industry Internationalisation Plan.
  • Working group for plant health exportation protocols.
  • National Sector Committee for Plant Health.
  • Inter-professional Organisations Council.
  • Rural Development Associations Committee.
  • Rural Development National Monitoring Committee.
  • National Integrated Production Commission.
  • Biomonitoring National Commission.
  • Commission for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants.
  • Plant variety observatory.
  • ENESA Regulations and Working Group.
  • Spanish-French-Italian Mixed Committee.
  • Spanish-Moroccan Mixed Committee.

Ministry of Employment and Social Security

  • Central commission for labour and social affairs Organisation, Coordination and Integration of Migratory Labour Flows in Seasonal Harvesting Operations.
  • Working groups for seasonal harvesting operations and habitability conditions.
  • Working group for the development of the regulations for the Social Security Special Farming System (REASS).

Economy and Competitiveness Ministry

  • Foreign trade monitoring commission.
  • Collaborating entity of the State Secretariat for Trade.
  • ICEX collaborating entity.

Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality

  • Consultative council for the Spanish Food Safety Agency.

FEPEX maintains a collaborative relationship with multiple organisations and administrations - both from the European union and the different member states - in order to reach agreement concerning the approach to adopt in relation to common problems and also to become familiar with the different positions taken by the various countries. FEPEX is a member of a number of organisations actively participating before the EU institutions.


Contact groups in the context of the Spanish-French-Italian Mixed Committee for , strawberries, garlic, peaches-nectarines and apples,, integrated by professionals from the three countries. These groups meet to analyse the development of harvesting seasonal operations and the state of play in the markets, in order to develop enriching proposals for their members.

Spanish-Moroccan tomato contact group, acting within the framework of the Spanish-Moroccan Mixed Committee in order to monitor harvesting operations and to oversee the application of the Association Agreement between the EU and Morocco.