The cultivation of potatoes in Spain covers a surface area of approximately 75,000 hectares, with an annual production of 2,200,000 tonnes, displaying a trend towards stabilisation after having suffered an important fall-off since Spain joined the EU. In 1990, potato growing operations covered 271,000 hectares with the production of 5,400,000 tonnes of potatoes.

At present, and according to data for 2013 from MAGRAMA, the main producing regions of Spain are: Castilla Leon (20.264 Ha); Galicia (19,666 Ha); Andalusia (10,438 Ha); Murcia (2,873 Ha); Castilla La Mancha (2,850 Ha); the Basque Country (1,628 Ha); and La Rioja (1,620 Ha). Spanish potato exports in 2012 amounted to 249,531 tonnes, for the value of 79.5 million euros. Imports for the same year amounted to 697,330 tonnes, reaching a value of 160.5 million euros. Spanish production represents 4.2% of all EU potato production.

FEPEX considers the potato industry to be strategic due to its contribution to food safety and a healthy diet. All of the different production areas are represented by their corresponding associations in FEPEX. The associations dedicated to this industry are as follows: ASOCIAFRUIT, ASONAL, ASOPOCYL, CIPP and APPS.


APPSE (Asociación de Productores de Patata de Siembra de España)

14 Empresas

1 Productos

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ASOCIAFRUIT (Asociación de Empresas Productoras y Exportadoras de Frutas y Hortalizas de Andalucía)

111 Empresas

13 Productos

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ASONAL (Asociación Nacional de Producción y Comercio de Frutos y Patatas)

34 Empresas

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ASOPOCYL (Asociación de Operadores de Patata en Origen de Castilla y León)

23 Empresas

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CIPP (Club Ibérico de Profesionales de la Patata)

6 Empresas

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